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Welcome to the Learning Course Request Portal

This page intends to give you the proper process to request the creation of a course in My LearningLink.

Step 1: Read the Learning Process and Find your learning contact

The creation of a course is subject to a process to ensure proper catalogue management. Because we want people to find courses when they search and we want the courses to be current, there are a few steps to take. Bear with us, and thank you in advance for your discipline. See details here on the overall learning development process.

Browse the "Course Owner Contact Sheet" to find the appropriate contact to guide you into the process.

Step 2: Open a ticket and Fill out the form

Content owners in the Course Owner Contact Sheet list are authorized to approve the course submission to ensure proper and more efficient publication.

Click here to open a course creation ticket 2929IT

 1. Search for Learning Service and select “My Learning Link - Service Request (Restricted Access)”

 2. If you do not see this selection, contact the person managing your perimeter using the list above.

  a. If you do see Learning Service, select the appropriate content category (ie. Content upload) and leave the request open

  b. if you have multiple forms to load, zip them to attach them all to the form

To properly fill the form, use the “?” to guide you. along the way.


Title Link Description
Course Request Form A course can be an event (classroom, virtual classroom, or webinar), a video, an eLearning, a material object (PDF, PPT, link) or a Test.
Session Request Form Sessions are the live instructor-led classes scheduled for an Event. The event is the container under which you will request the creation of a session(s) with a proper date, time, place, instructor, etc.
Curriculum Request Form Fill out this form to request a new Curriculum.A curriculum is a bundle of several learning objects. If you request the creation of a curriculum AND the learning objects in it, start with the learning objects to obtain the course ID for each of them and then in a separate ticket, request the curriculum.

Step 3: Submit your ticket

Attach the form to your 2929IT ticket and submit it.

Step 4: Test and sign-off

You will be instructed to test your course. Make sure you do it extensively

NB: Be on the Lookout for emails coming from 2929it to make sure you do not miss a publication steps! Once tested in the various use

cases, you can sign off for your course to be published live.

The overall process can take from 2 to 10 days depending on various factors

  •  - Accuracy of the information provided in the first place
  •  - Number of courses
  •  - Responsiveness in providing additional information
  •  - Potential courses

Note: Need to update attendance for a course that already happened, please use the attendance form.